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home&you Stores do not only offer a wide selection of home textiles and interior decoration elements, but, above all, interesting inspirations for our customers, careful arrangements and the pleasure of communing with original design.

The windows of home&you showrooms are our business cards. They attract the eye with their careful arrangement and cosy atmosphere. The good style of our presentations is supervised by professionals.
We do not forget about current occasions and holidays and we do everything to best display our seasonal offer. The products we offer are in line with the latest interior design trends. From a huge number of proposals appearing on the market, we choose for our customers the highest quality products, which will help to arrange a cozy and harmonious interior of their homes. The diversity of collections, a large price range and numerous promotions mean that every customer will find something for themselves.

„The presence of accessories in our home reflects our character and makes the interior unique.

The right choice of accessories can change even the most banal interior.

Home&you products include everyday items, decorations and gadgets for the whole flat.

In our offer you can find, among others: kitchen accessories, dishes, bathroom and bed linen and many other necessary articles.”