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Women's fashion

I’m good but not an angel – this is the motto of the SINSAY clothing brand, a new proposal for fashionable teenage girls who like to surprise and look for original designs.

SINSAY is the latest brand in the portfolio of LPP S.A. The undoubted advantage of the brand are its affordable prices, which allow teenagers to buy their dream T-shirts, jeans or fashionable accessories. SINSAY girls are loud, characterful and expressive, they boldly follow the latest trends and thanks to our designs they can boldly play with fashion, emphasising their original personality.

The SINSAY collection is dedicated to girls aged 15-24 who are looking for inspiration for everyday styling, but also for original party outfits. The Sinsay collection is designed for girls who are not afraid to experiment with fashion, who consciously create their image, who look like sensitive, polite romantics in one moment, and show off their original, feisty style the next. We will surprise the SINSAY girl with a bold juggling of different styles, from delicate romanticism, through laid-back street fashion, to rock madness.