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Born Ready is a creation that Wrangler has been making since 1947, combining fashion with functionality.

The first collection was designed for cowboys: it consisted of denim clothes which enabled them to sit comfortably in the saddle. Today, Wrangler continues to create the best possible jeans to meet the needs of the modern customer. Wrangler has contributed to the evolution of denim by introducing groundbreaking innovations: denim that protects against the rain or denim that provides protection against the cold. Wrangler is the founder of the denim clothing brand and has initiated new solutions for your favourite jeans. Wear Wrangler brand clothing and be prepared for anything.
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Lee is a top American denim brand, firmly rooted in a strong workwear heritage, and has been known for years for bringing numerous innovations to the denim world. Lee created the first overalls in 1911, invented zipped jeans, and the first ever fitted denim jacket.

Craftsmanship, high quality and excellent service have been the brand’s standards since 1889, when Henry David Lee (founder) established these values as the foundation of the Lee brand. Over the past 125 years, Lee has been synonymous with craftsmanship and quality, ensuring a perfect fit, the use of very fine fabric and simple, yet unique, workmanship.
To find out more about the Lee brand visit: www.lee.pl
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