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HOUSE is a brand addressed to a wide range of young people who value relationships with a group and pleasant ways of spending time. It is also an offer for those for whom music is a source of inspiration and an inalienable element of life.

The brand’s offer is divided into four lines – two for women and two for men.

Women’s lines:

CASUAL SPORT – A line designed for girls who like to experiment and play with fashion. It is characterized by a modern, slightly sporty style with bold, large prints. This is clothing for active girls who like fashionable solutions.

CASUAL FASHION- Part of the women’s line is strongly oriented towards world fashion trends. The models are clearly inspired by pret-a-porter shows. The brand also offers a wide fabric range in the form of shirts, skirts, dresses, tunics and coats.

Men’s lines:

CLUBBING BOY – A line for boys who like to draw attention to themselves, looking for new forms, colours and prints in their clothes and accessories (belts, hats, designer bags and shoes).

URBAN COLLEGE – The second men’s line is characterised by urban style combined with classic elements. It was created for those who appreciate quality, vintage character and subtle references to current trends.

All lines are complemented by accessories and accessories characteristic for the brand.